How to Make Your Content Even Better

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You’re already creating content for your business.

But so is everyone else.

So where can you go from here?

You make your content even better! Here’s how.

Understand your audience.

When you truly understand what your audience wants to know, you can create content that grabs their attention, hooks them and makes them want to hear more from your business. The best way to understand your audience? Just ask them. Ask questions on your Facebook page, email your subscribers a survey. You can also look at other industry blogs and see what they’re putting out, and what your ideal customers are really responding to.

website investment importance
website investment importance

Use storytelling

Stories can make your content more interesting. They can entertain, engage or help your audience relate to you. Share your own stories that have shaped your business or your life, or share the stories of your satisfied customers.

Find or create original research

There are some research and stats that are widely used. For example, social media usage and percentages are often used in content about social media marketing. Instead, look for (or even better, create) original research. Use stats, graphs or other data in your content.

Write in-depth guides

Want to create something that’s bigger and better than other posts out there? Create an in-depth post. These guides usually show up in the form of a longer “how to” guide, and really tells the reader everything they need to know to do or accomplish something.

Use transitions in your writing

Transitions signal that you’re switching directions. They can take mediocre writing and make it much more readable. When you immediately switch a topic, it cuts off the reader’s train of thought. By using a transition, you can prepare your reader for what comes next, making your writing all flow together. Transitions can be headers, subheaders, bullets or numbered lists.

Pay attention to the length of your posts

You don’t have to hit a certain word count for every post, but you should end your posts where the value ends. Don’t make them longer than they need to be. Alternatively, they shouldn’t be shorter than they should be. Make sure there is enough value in them. Flesh out each point with information and value, and give your readers a clear takeaway, no matter how long your post ends up being.

Content marketing is a great way to get website traffic and turn visitors into loyal readers and fans of your business. But with just about every business using content, you have to write stuff that is even better. Use these tips to help your content be better than the rest, and stand out online.


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