How to Stay Consistent With Your Visual Branding

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What is the best way to remember something?  It’s to consistently do it or see it.

Your business is no exception. If you want people to remember who you are, visual branding is key.  It’s important always to be consistent. No matter where you are, both online and offline, it’s important to keep the same look and feel.

And representing your business consistently the same way has more benefits than just being memorable. It can:

  • Give your brand a personality your best customers come to relate to.
  • Help differentiate your business from others like yours.
  • Boost your online influence and authority.

Luckily, staying consistent with your visual branding doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s look at a few easy ways to do it.

website investment importance
website investment importance

#1 Know your value

One of the biggest things you can do for your business and your branding is to know what you bring to the table. Your brand is much more than how you look online. It is your products and your services, who you are as a business, and how that is visually represented. Consider what you offer and how you would like to be seen online. T

#2 Have a recognizable logo or wordmark

Think of companies like Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple. They all have logos that are instantly recognizable. You see a pair of shoes with that swoosh and you know it’s Nike. Spot a laptop with an apple logo on it and you know it’s a Mac. Now apply this to your own business. You have your business name or website header, but also have an image or a logo that represents your business and can be used anywhere online. Once you pick a logo, stick to it.

#3 Pick your distinct fonts

While it may seem like something small, the font you use is another visual branding element. Stick to one or two fonts that are different, but still complement, each other. For example, pick one Sans Serif font and one script font. Use your fonts for your website title and headers, your physical mailers, your blog post images and your social media images.

#4 Stick to a few colors

Like fonts, colors play a big part in your visual branding. They have the ability to influence the overall tone and manner of your brand. But like anything else in branding, it’s important to pick a few colors and stick with them.  Pick 3-5 colors for your brand, focusing mainly on 2 or 3 of them. Look for colors that complement but still add some contrast. These colors should be used throughout your website, your social media images and profile headers, your physical mailers and business cards, etc.

Visually branding your business is how customers will remember you online. It’s not complicated. Creating a memorable, visual brand is about figuring out how you want to represent your business; and picking elements like a logo, fonts, and colors, and making sure you use them consistently anywhere you are.


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