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This article is about accessibility and WordPress.  Something that is vital if your website is a government site or maybe on where a lot of seniors visit.  I am going to be showing you three plugins that can help you out with this problem.

WP Accessibility Helper plugin review

This plugin is created by Alexander Volkov and has loads of options.  After install you get a new menu option called accessibility you can click.

This is just the general options.  Option here include things such as menu position, close button title, disable this on mobile phones, etc…

These are the font settings.  Not much here.  Settings here include font selection which is only a few fonts.  How the font resizes, front end menu option.  If enabled this will force all fonts to display as the font you selected.

These are the contrast settings.  Also not much here although you can get funky here with colors.  If enabled the background color of the whole page changes to one color and the font also changes just to one color.

These are the styles settings.  You get two major ones to select. The remove animations mode removes all animations from your website while remove styles mode removes all website’s styles and shows webpage in raw html version. This feature does WILL NOT work with cache plugins that print all your css inline.

These are link settings.  Things you get to select here included underline for all links and putting a yellow background for all links.

These are content settings.  If you enable the lights out mode you can fully darken parts of the page that are not that necessary and fully light the one main section you want the user to see.

This is what you get when you look at the plugin from the front end.  The default image you get to click on is the wheelchair image.  When you click on it you get a list of options you can click on. These things include font size and contrast colors.  Now for the contrast color here in that image it is red color.  If you were to click on it things like the menu background and text module background will turn to that red color.  To back to the default website settings of the website all you have do is click on the clear cookie button.

DIVI Accessibility plugin review

This is the second plugin we are looking at and is made by CampusPress.  This one was specifically designed for the DIVI theme.  After you install this plugin a new menu option shows up on the DIVI menu called Accessibility. If you click on it an option panel shows up.

You do not have many general options but you do have some useful ones like focusable modules and keyboard navigation outline.

This is what you can get using the keyboard navigation outline function on a toggle module.

If you click on Tota11y this is what you will see on the front end now.  A pair of glasses you can click on to bring up a new menu of options you can click on.  If you click on an option like contrast or link text showcasing errors on the site you can fix.

That image is showing off two such errors you can have.  I like the contrast one here as it suggests different colors you can use in a combo.

Zeno Font Resizer review

This plugin is from Marcel Pol.  It does one thing only which is resize text.  After you install the plugin you get one admin menu of functions and a widget.

The option menu allows you to change what get resized.  If you are using the DIVI theme click on the one that says resize the whole body content.  Other options include font size stepping and maximum font size.

This is a look at the widget and the lone function it has.  The ability to change the title of the widget.  Now you need to use this widget on a page or post or you do not get to resize the text on s page or post at all.

This is what you see on the front end of the website.  Three characters.  one small , one regular, one large.  That controls the font size.  The font you see is normal default DIVI size.

Now this is the font size after you have clicked the large one a few times.

Next up is a look at a free plugin just made for the Extra theme.


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