How to Build a High-Converting Landing Page

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Whether you are promoting a paid product, a free offer or even your email list,  having a landing page for your offer is a must. But not every landing page will convert as you hope. Let’s look at the key elements of a high-converting landing page so you can easily build one for your own offers.

Element #1: A captivating headline

Your headline is the first chance to get your audience’s attention. If it’s weak, there’s a good chance your reader won’t be sticking around for more.

Your headline should grab attention and tell the reader a little about what your landing page will be about.


website investment importance
website investment importance

Element #2: A strong subheadline 

It’s your headline’s job to get attention, it’s your subheadline’s job to tell them more and make them stay. This is your chance to explain a bit more and convince them to read on.

Element #3: The benefits

The benefits,  or value of your offer,  should be found throughout your landing page.  What’s in it for them?  Why should the reader buy or sign up for your offer? Your benefits should speak directly to your reader, hooking them in. You can make this even easier for your reader by listing your benefits using bullets or numbers.

Element #4: A highlight the pain

If you  really want to convince your reader that they need what you’re offering, paint them a picture of what things would look like if they don’t take you up on your offer. You can do this by pointing out exactly they are struggling with, and mention what they have to lose or how things will be if they continue doing the same thing they are currently doing.

Element #5: A success story

You can share a success story in a number of ways. You can paint them a picture, share your own story before you made your own transformation or share a case study of something your own client has achieved.

Element #6: Testimonials 

Testimonials from real people are key for convincing others. People trust peer reviews much more than they trust what businesses say about their own stuff. Choose testimonials that your target audience will most want to read. Celebrity endorsements are great, but users trust people who are just like them. Have past clients include real stats and numbers in their stories to make your testimonials pack an even bigger punch.

Element #7: A compelling call to action

Lastly, your landing page must have a call to action. What is it you want your reader to do? Whether it’s to click through to your site, sign up for your list or to buy something, tell them what you want them to do. Use a clickable button with something a lot more compelling than “subscribe,” “submit” or “buy now.” Instead, use fun, actionable words like “sign me up!” or “yes, I want it!”

A high-converting landing page is an important element in your online marketing. For both free and paid offers, convincing your reader that they need your offer is a must. These 7 elements will help you make build a compelling landing page that converts readers into subscribers, buyers and life-long fans.



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