Why Your Business Needs to Write a Book – And How You Can Easily Market it

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If you’re looking for a new way to market your business, look no further than a book.

Yes, we’re talking about writing your own book. While it may seem like a lot of work, if you’re keeping a blog, writing a blog isn’t difficult at all. Let’s look at some reasons why you should write a book for your business, easy ways to do it and how you can easily market it.

Why Write a Book

There are many reasons to write your own book. Among them are:

website investment importance
website investment importance

It helps establish your authority.

Do you want to be that business who literally “wrote the book on it”? Well you can be! Writing an authoritative book establishes your credibility and raises your level of expertise.

It gives you more networking power.

If you frequently go to networking or industry events, you can use your book as a connection builder, a free offer or even as your business card.

It could lead to speaking opportunities.

What better way to further your authority and expertise than to land speaking gigs about your book?

It brings in additional income.

Whether you sell your book on your website or on an outside site like Amazon, it is a good way to bring in residual income for your business.

How to Easily Write a Book

The easiest and fastest way to get your book written is to take a look at your blog.

Look at the most visited posts, the ones that your readers or customers seem to like the most. Look at how you can combine them. Can you put them together into a cohesive book? If so, you have most of your book! Add more information and bulk up the connection elements to tie the posts all together.

How to Promote Your Book

Once your book is published, you want to spread the word. Here are some ways to promote your business’s new book, whether it’s an eBook or physical book.

Create a website (or page on your website).

Have a place to direct interest to. You can even use this as a landing page instead of your main website.

Get interviewed.

Getting featured on industry blogs, vlogs or podcasts is a great way to get your book and your business seen by a new audience.

Share the news with your email list

You have an email list; use it! Email them the good news. You can even treat them to a sneak preview or free chapter to get them excited and interested in buying it.

Post on linkedin

In the business world, LinkedIn is the best networking site. Add your book to your profile or share it in relevant groups.

Writing a book is a great way to build your audience and boost your business’s authority.  And it’s not hard to do! Look at your blog and see what your audience is most interested in and create an informative book for them.




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