Divi/Extra Layout Injector and Divi Menu Module (Standard Width) Plugin Reviews

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What I have here is a review for you with two separate plugins, but a pair that does go together.  These two plugins are made by Sean Barton  from Tortoise IT who makes a lot of DIVI theme related plugins that I am going to be reviewing for you.  The DIVI / EXTRA Layout injector plugin is at version 2.3 while the menu module plugin is at version 1,4. First off is the Divi/Extra Layout Injector plugin: If you have not head of this plugin before this is one of the most important plugins for the DIVI theme you can own.   With DIVI you can create layouts that can be starting points for multiple types of pages. With this plugin though you can put layouts in spots of the theme where they can’t go. After the plugin is installed you get a new menu option under settings.

If you click on the menu option you will go to the main options for this plugin.  The options include:



General Settings

The plugin does include some general settings though, but only a couple of them though.

Now the blank page template is perfect for doing squeeze pages, but if you need to show it on a blank page you can.

You can also hide the default header quickly and easily.  Now the DIVI default header option is a basic look, but it does get the job done displaying the logo and main menu.  What that plugin option does not do is hide the top menu area where the phone number and email go.

Now if you click on that option and save the settings you may wind up with a whole lot of white space as you can see by the special cropped shot below, but that is a simple fix though.

Change this bit of CSS..

.et_non_fixed_nav.et_transparent_nav.et_show_nav #page-container, .et_fixed_nav.et_show_nav #page-container {
 padding-top: 80px;




The plugin gives you four spots to include a layout.

Pre Header:  This is great when you want to get rid of the regular header and use a layout instead.

Extra NOTE: in order to get the pre-header to show up on top of the default header if you still want to keep the regular menu use this bit of CSS:

.et_fixed_nav #main-header, .et_fixed_nav #top-header {
position: relative;

Pre-Content:  This is great for displaying announcements or even maybe ads.

Post-Content:  This is great for newsletter signup forms or even ads.

Pre-Footer:  When you really need to use a layout instead of just the widgets areas the DIVI theme gives you for the footer area.

Now the one great thing about using a layout especially in the pre -header and pre-footer areas is that you can disable pieces of the layout so you are not showing much at all on a mobile phone quickly and easily.

Another thing to note here is that you may have to get messy with some CSS here with the layout to get the design right. With the ability to add in a CSS class name or an ID name to things such as a module, section, or row this can easily be accomplished.



Per Page And Post Overrides

Widget is also included as well

Want to display a module or even a layout in a sidebar.   With the included widget this can easily be done.  Perfect for modules like video, audio, etc…

404 Page Injector

This will overwrite that 404.php page which could be edited through a child theme, but this makes is so much easier.

Usually this page is nothing more than maybe an image with a little text, but now it can be even more complex and with a layout it can easily be created.

Footer Editor

This edits the all important footer credits area better than what the theme customizer options does.  It allows for shortcodes and has full Tiny MCE edit capabilities.

so you can take this DIVI theme default:



and turn it into this with little problem:



Divi Menu Module (Standard Width)  Plugin Review

This is a small plugin that only gives you one module, but you think it would have been a standard module in DIVI to begin with.   Even WAYY back in the DIVI 2,4 days if you did edit the main-modules.php file, the single DIVI theme file that holds all the modules,  all you needed to do was copy and past the full-width menu module inside the file and change a few lines of code for it to work.

The plugin here though makes it real simple to add in the module so you have no real need to modify the main-modules.php file to get the job done.   Now if you install the plugin this is what you are going to see in the backend:



So why do we need this plugin?  What can it be used for?  Well…  Here you go.

Best use cases for this plugin:

The header area for sure if you combine it with the Divi/Extra Layout Injector plugin.  Lets say you logo is more square than rectangle.  You could create a specialty section layout with the logo in one column and then two rows in the next.  One for the menu and another row for other information that the top header in the Divi theme just does not display.  Stuff such as Business hours, maybe the local weather displayed from a widget, a spot to just display banner ads, and stock ticker quotes just to name some ideas,

The footer area as well if you want you want a nice and clean looking footer area using the Divi/Extra Layout Injector plugin.

In the content area this would be a nice way to display some links next to an image.

Downside to using this plugin or even the standard fullwidth menu module:

The only thing you can display is the standard menu items.  No search and no Woocommerce cart like the DIVI default menu can.  We can get around that though with some plugins though.

That ends the review of both plugins, but up next in my next post I am going to show off both of these plugins together in some layouts showing off headers default DIVI will just not do.  Also I will show off how to get search and the woocommerce cart into the menu.




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