Why Use a Child Theme for Your Website

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You’ve heard of website themes, but what about child themes?

A child theme works off a parent theme, which contains all the programming. The child theme contains the style. This allows you to easily change up your theme, without losing any of the programming and coding.

Even better, child themes are portable, and you can use them on as many sites as you wish.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 more benefits of using a WordPress child theme for your website.

website investment importance
website investment importance

Benefits of Using a Child Theme on Your WordPress Website

#1 It functions separately from your parent theme. If you accidently delete or mess up some coding, it won’t affect your parent theme, and most mistakes can be remedied easily. Which also means ….

#2 You won’t lose files. The files are part of the parent site. Make changes, and you still have your base in place.

#3 You get extend functionality. Using a child theme gives you the option to extend certain functions without messing with anything else.

#4 Easily create related websites. If you wanted to create multiple, yet related, websites, you could easily do so with child themes. Use the same framework on all of them to create inter-related sites that all function the same way.

Disadvantages of Using a WordPress Child Theme

It wouldn’t be fair to list advantages without touching on any drawbacks.

For most, the biggest con to using a child theme is the learning curve when installing it. However, with the help of a web designer who has expertise in child themes, this should be no problem for you!

Choosing Your Child Theme

So how do you pick the right child theme for your website? Like picking a parent theme, it all depends on your needs and what you want for your site.

Take into consideration the features you want like headers, footers, menu styling and post formating. Also look at the layout of the child theme, if it’s full width or has a sidebar.

In addition, some child themes are ready-made for specific industries, so consider the look you are going for. Some will help you show off your creativity if you are a freelancer or designer. Or if your website focuses on food, there are others that are perfect for showing off your images and more. Others come with style and professionalism, perfect for the growing business or agency.

WordPress child themes are themes that take the styling and functionality of their parent theme. It is a great way to extend or modify an existing theme. Looking for a child theme for your website? Visit our premade child themes here.


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