No Fail Ways to Convert Blog Readers Into Email Subscribers

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You spend a lot of time getting new people to your website. But unless you convert them into email subscribers, you can’t be sure they’re going to be back.
Why do you need them to subscribe?
Email subscribers are your biggest fans. They are the ones that choose to hear from you. The ones that saw something in you and your business that they really liked and wanted to get your content delivered straight to their inbox.
And of course, these are the people who are going to be most likely to be buyers as well.
So it’s important to not only get people to your website but to turn them into subscribers. Here are 4 no-fail ways to convert readers into email subscribers.

website investment importance
website investment importance

#1 Have a killer lead magnet

The best way to entice people to sign up for your email list is to offer them something they really want – and offer it for free. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated; a free report, checklist, resource list, shopping list or template works great. Like any piece of content, make sure your title is enticing and catchy to really draw people in.

#2 Have opt-in boxes in strategic places

If building your email list is a main goal for you (and it should be!), you need to display your lead magnet in multiple places. Have a feature box or welcome mat the top of your home page. Place your opt-in form in your sidebar and your footer. Have one at the end of your blog posts. And don’t forget your About page. After your new readers have learned about you and your business is the perfect place to place a call to action to opt in.

#3 Add content upgrades to your best posts

A content upgrade is basically a bonus piece of content to your blog post that people need to opt in to get. To be effective, your content upgrades should relate to the post you put it in, and enhance the content. For example, you could add a checklist or workbook that goes over the steps you list in your post.

#4 Eliminate distractions on your site

Lastly, you want to make your opt-ins front and center. When a website visitor is presented with too many options, they often end up not taking any action at all. Limit other distractions and options like ads and extra sidebar items. Clutter is a distraction on a website, and takes away from your credibility. Attracting readers is a great goal, but an even better goal is to build an email list. By having a great lead magnet, putting it in multiple places on your site and creating content upgrades for your best blog posts, you can easily start turning blog readers into email subscribers.


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