How to Get Noticed on Social Media

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Social media is a crowded place.

Really crowded. In fact, Facebook has reached 1.71 billion users.

So how can you, one small business,  get noticed on social media? Here are 6 tips that can help get noticed just a little more.

Stay consistent with branding.  Your brand identity is what your customers come to associate with your business. So keep your logo, image and colors consistent throughout all your social profiles and your posts. Even if you offer something similar to another business, your branding will be uniquely “you.”

website investment importance
website investment importance


Respond to people. Businesses who take the time to respond get noticed. It shows they truly care about their customers and their followers. Answer any questions, respond to both positive and negative feedback. You may even want to pose questions and start the conversation for your followers!

Be approachable.  Similar to the last one, being approachable can help you stand out. Social media is still about being social, even above marketing. If you interact and make it easy for followers to approach you, you are doing much better than businesses who only post news and updates.

Be consistent. A simple way to stand out? Post consistently. It’s that simple. Posting consistently will not only get you noticed, it will help you grow your followers even faster.

Be visual. Images, especially eye-catching images, stand out among the text. Add an image to your tweets and Facebook posts. Or make use of Pinterest.

Be everywhere. If it’s crowded, jump right into the crowd. Be present. Be consistent! And share not only your content and news, but the content of others. By sharing stuff from your competitors, you can leverage their popularity.

Social media is an extremely crowded place. But you can stand out. By being consistent with your branding and posting, and interacting with your followers,  you can help yourself stand out just a bit more.





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