How to Increase Sales on Your Website

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If you’re getting people to your site, but are still struggling to make sales, the problem isn’t your traffic.

It’s your website.

Somewhere between getting them to your site and them deciding, they want to leave, your site is missing the mark.

Here are 4 tips to help you increase sales on your website.

Have a blog.

If you don’t currently have a blog attached to you website, you need one. A blog provides fresh content so you can get found in the search engines and on social media. Offer blog posts that are helpful to your target customer, such as how-to articles and guides and posts that help educate them on your products or services.

website investment importance
website investment importance

Simplify your website

If there are too many options, most people will end up not taking any action at all. Limit the buy buttons and calls to action. Additionally, you want to make sure your website is fast.  Compress images and disable unused plugins to help speed up your load times.

Work on establishing trust

Do your readers trust you? If they don’t, they’re not likely to buy. Trust is two-fold; work on establishing a relationship with those that visit your website. What does this mean?  It means being a bit open so they get to know you and always offering value. It also means making sure your website itself is safe and secure so people do feel safe shopping and offering up their personal and financial information.

Use social proof

Social media proof and peer-to-peer reviews can go a long way. Include testimonials on your website, use social buttons that show how many people have liked or followed you on social media. If possible, get an authority figure in your industry to endorse your business, your product or your service. Doing so could be huge for your business. Reach out via email or social media, offering a free preview or service in exchange for a quick testimonial.

If you’re seeing a good amount of website traffic, but you’re still not making sales, it means your website needs help making the conversion. Add a blog to your site that offers tons of value, make your site uncomplicated and easy for your visitors to decide what to do, work on establish a relationship with your readers and include social proof on your site and you should see your conversions start to rise.






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